Who Are We?

Parking Sense is the brainchild of the same team that previously brought to the market Metereye, at the time the most technically advanced parking and guidance system available and one which revolutionised the delivery of real time and historical data to parking management companies.

Metereye, which later became Car Parking Technologies and more recently Smart Parking, was founded in 2003 by Paul Collins as a vehicle to further refine and market a parking sensor product he had developed during the preceding two years.

The original product was a small sensor which when fitted to an existing parking meter, could detect the presence or absence of a vehicle in the associated parking space. Over the next 10 years both the product and company evolved to become a world leader in technology driven parking solutions with installations worldwide. In February 2011 the company successfully listed on the Australian Stock exchange under the name Car Parking Technologies (CPT). Today it endures as Smart Parking Ltd with a worldwide presence employing in excess of 300 employees.
In March 2013, after two years in the publicly listed environment, and seeking a change of focus Paul stood down as Managing Director of CPT and began looking for another venture.

As other key staff also began looking for new challenges Paul found himself once again with the core of his original team whom after 10 years in the industry had learnt the value of delivering a quality solution at a price point that met the market's needs. Believing they could bring to market a guidance solution that capitalised on lessons learned at Metereye and CPT at a fraction of the cost of competing products, they formed Parking Sense and began development of Easyguide and EasyPark, the domestic version of the same product.

Working in collaboration with a carefully selected group of partners the Parking Sense team is poised to emulate the success of their previous venture. Now with sites in NZ, Australia and USA, EasyGuide is proving to be the market success that was anticipated and with a robust development program in place the expectation is that it will soon become the commercial guidance system of choice for parking managers, consultants and retailers alike.

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