Driving & Parking Tips

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How Parking Sense is leading the way to create smarter parking According to a BPA study, drivers spend an average of 4 days a year searching for spaces to park. They surveyed 2,000 drivers and found that 44% consider parking to be a stressful experience. But, imagine living in a city where circl...
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Cost Effective Ways to Increase Revenue

Parking Sense can improve your bottom-line by understanding parking frustrations and revenue are related If your concerns are with commercial real estate properties and retaining leases or adding new tenants or in healthcare and patient feedback on parking has affected HCAHPS, there is a cost ...
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Changing The Way You Drive and Park

Parking Sense gives users a better experience through innovative technology Recently, Parking Sense CEO Jake Bezzant spoke with Duke Long on “Duke Long, Commercial Real Estate, with a little attitude” podcast. Giving listeners an opportunity to learn about who Parking Sense is and the innovati...
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Case Study: Are you really maxed out?

Increasing Parking Capacity   We look into the hypothetical situation that many facility or property owners actually face. Here we'll discuss the problem and possibilities and how Parking Sense USA can help solve the problem. Situation A national landlord with an 800,000+ square foot sub...
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The Big Picture: What is Parking Guidance?

A complete parking guidance system is like a three legged stool.  One leg represents the consumer experience, one leg represents the operator experience, and the final leg is the owner experience. The first leg is the consumer experience, and this is by far the most important leg.  Parking struc...