Latest News - City of Alameda Installation

Parking Sense is pleased to announce another installation in the San Francisco Bay Area, for the City of Alameda's Civic Centre. Alameda Management Analyst and Project Manager for the City, Liz Acord says "During the installation of the EasyGuide system at our downtown parking structure, Parking Sense has been patient, accommodating, and polite and professional to work with. Especially during the contract execution process, Parking Sense established themselves as a partner to the City of Alameda working diligently to overcome procurement hurdles and develop a scope of work that best suited our needs".

Alameda is situated across the bay from San Francisco City and is one of the area's historic and traditional attractions. The Civic Centre is located next to the city's iconic theatre and is the city's premier parking facility. The installation is over six levels and includes casual, disabled, reserved and EV (electric vehicles) spaces. In addition to EasyGuide overhead indicators, the site has a main entrance sign and aisle signage for the previously difficult to navigate 'dead end' areas.

Liz Acord went on to say "The overall experience of working with Parking Sense has been great and it has been a pleasure to work with all the staff members on this project. I am appreciative of their efforts and am certain that they will make a great partner to any organization striving to improve parking operations".

Parking Sense is excited to provide the residents and visitors of Alameda with the world's leading parking guidance technology and looks forward to collaborating further with the City of Alameda.