Case Study: Universities


This energy-conscious, suburban University in the Pacific Northwest has 2,400 parking spaces to serve 5,700 students and 700 faculty and staff members. The campus has no opportunity to expand their parking facilities because it is hemmed in by a freeway to the south, wetlands to the north and east and residential areas to the west. The University needed a parking solution that would maximize the efficiency and use of their existing parking facilities, as well as reduce the carbon-footprint and increase parking revenue.


Introduce a parking system to the existing parking facilities that reduces time spent searching for a space and reduces the carbon footprint produced in the garages. Also, the parking system has to improve the daily user experience in order to increase revenue from campus parking usage.


Case Study Request - University

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  • LED Lights and mobile app enable campus to optimize the use all the parking spaces.
  • The system eliminates congestion in the parking garages which greatly reduces emissions from vehicles.
  • Maximum occupancy of the parking garages is ensured and the need for people to use alternative means of travel to the campus is decreased.
  • The stress and congestion of parking is reduced improving the students, faculty and staff experience on campus
  • Rather than spending 30 minutes circling garages looking for a spot, drivers now spend a maximum of five minutes.