Case Study: Healthcare


Despite its reputation as a technologically advanced military medical center, this establishment was lacking adequate staff parking. Many staffers would end up parking in designated visitor garages and lots in order to report to work on time. Negatively affecting the availability of parking for patients and putting patient satisfaction and the center’s reputation at risk.


Land is scarce in an already heavily developed metro area. The best option would be to build a new employee parking facility in an existing space. The new garage would need a parking system to optimize use of the limited space.

A sophisticated system that would enable employees to quickly and reliably find a parking spot so that they could start work on time and leave visitor parking spots for patients. The system also needed to be cost-effective to maintain.

In addition, it needed to be an environmentally responsible solution that reflects the values of this huge medical complex


Case Study Request - Healthcare Walter Reed

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Cost avoidance associated with building a larger facility saving $1.62m (600 x 10% (overbuild required for older technology to do the same job as a PS solution) x $27k per

Optimizes parking in new 600-spot employee parking garage, helping to solve problem of staff having to use patient parking facilities

Helps eliminate parking-related appointment delays and schedule disruption (doctors, PA’s and other expensive personal)

Improves patient experience by reducing stress caused by delays/problems in finding parking

Helps increase revenue through improved customer satisfaction – avoiding 2% non-reimbursement Medicare “penalty” under new value-based CMS reimbursement program

Provides reliable, accurate information on parking availability for operational efficiencies (unlike old systems which were so unreliable that they were disabled)

Provides cost-effective solution that promises long-term savings on energy bills and maintenance

Provides a “future-proof” system whose useful life can be extended indefinitely, reducing total cost of ownership by 80%

Reflects values of environmentally conscious organization
For this government hospital facility, the Parking Sense Automated Parking Solution is more an investment than a cost