Case Study: Healthcare


Seven hundred highly skilled researchers and scientists are vying for 327 parking spots each day. The nature of their work requires patience and diligence. Yet, because of the parking situation they are frustrated at wasting time trying to find a place to park.

The situation was so bad that there was at least one case in which an employee finally gave up and went home after circling the garage and finding nowhere to park.


Install an economical and effective parking solution that will enable researchers and scientists to find parking spots more quickly.  Decreasing frustration and increasing productivity.


Case Study Request - Healthcare HHMI

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  • Increased efficiency of parking at least 50%.
  • Increased productivity of highly paid staff by eliminating time wasted looking for parking.
  • Decreased stress and frustration of employees by taking the guesswork out of finding a parking spot.
  • Provides a “future-proof” system whose useful life can be extended indefinitely, reducing total cost of ownership by 80%
  • Increased attractiveness of employment at facility by making the parking experience a positive instead of a negative.